The Borough market

For any foodie thats the place to be, simply heaven on earth for all the foodies, you can have a quick view on the map here
As a start I am writing this based on several visits over the years to the market, here is a quick brief about this great place

Fresh fruits and vegetables
All what you think of is there, from the buffalo tomato, to the yellow cherry tomato, the figs where they are native to the Mediterranean basin are fresh and good as it gets, haven’t seen much mango’s out there, but great lichee, and dragon fruit.

Shows-Demo kitchen
All the shows are great for me the Lesley Holdship was amazing, also Katherine Frelon, among others seen long time ago.

Exotic food and nuts
The Turkish delights are crazy, the best you can get, also the Jamaican dips and sauces I saw one day was great.
The borough nuts are great, loved the salted cashews

Sea food
This is not a question, amazing, Sussex fish always catch my eyes

Tried several fuccacia, and french bread, most of the were good, but the interesting part is the bakery school.
The cinnamon tree bakery is a must try

Bath soft cheese company is a must try, great catch there is bath soft

Meat poultry and game
Several vendors, but never tried any of them

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