Downtown Cairo fashion shoot- lighting diagrams and BTS

The breath taking architecture of downtown Cairo always was a source of inspiration, had a dream of shooting an editorial in the streets out there, but dreams don’t come true, due to security levels in Cairo these days.
During the hot summer days of Cairo I was commissioned by Enigma magazine to work on a fashion editorial about downtown fashion, it was impossible to do it in the streets, we scouted a low budget hotel looking one of Cairo oldest squares, and we decided to shoot in it.
We scheduled 5 visuals during that day, most of them were looking over the square, later on we rescheduled due to the security measures and we did only one over looking the old architecture heritage of Cairo.

Will state a couple of shoots associated with a lighting diagram

Take 1
We had to go as quick as possible to finish this image, it was sunlit from the background, with an angel.
The curtain was included to add more vibrant and lively mood.
Camera settings
Camera Nikon D3X
Lens 85mm/f1.4
Aperture f5.6
Shutter 1/160
ISO 100
Spot metering

Take 2

Shooting in the back of the building where the place is considered as a service access for the building, very dim light, cats every where, too hot, and the nearest power supply is 15m away.
The lighting have to be controlled to hide several ugly features in the building as a background, using a beauty dish with a white reflector on a 400w elinchrome head, to light the face and the body, along the staircase too.
Camera settings
Camera Nikon D3X
Lens 85mm/f1.4
Aperture f1.4
Shutter 1/60
ISO 200
Spot metering

The Team
Photography and Retouching Yehia El Alaily
Art director Yasmine Reda
Stylist Radwa El Ziki
Model Dina Bahgat
Make up Dolly Yanni
location Tulip Hotel

More from the shoot

From the press, Enigma magazine September 2014

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