SAID- A chocolate heaven


SAID, one of the first chocolate factories in Italy, since 1923, Located in the heart of Soho,been there this summer and it was a great treat, we headed there after dinner for an authentic traditional espresso, more of a hand crafted cup of coffee not a commercial one.

We headed there, and we were astonished by the interiors, retro/country one, mixed with an industrial look, by using old coffee grinders, and chocolate molds all over the walls, along the take out boxes.

We had the menu, ordered our coffee and our host recommended us to try a desert, we went for the chocolate cup, milk chocolate and dark chocolate too, also he highlighted the hot chocolate they offer with a rich layer of dark chocolate.

Settle down with theses choices and we were absolutely in it,  the chocolate cup is amazing, served in a chocolate cup with a chocolate spoon, the milk chocolate is outstanding.

The chocolate coffee topped with dark chocolate was great, and the espresso as well, did try the chilli chocolate was great.

I believe the chocolate jars will taste good as the chocolate cup.

`The walls covered with chocolate mold

The chocolate cup

Hot chocolate with dark chocolate topping

Chocolate paste, even better than nuttella

Chocolate nipples

the slogan

The coffee grinder

The chilli chocolate

Wall details



SAID water bottle

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