Ice cream, ice cream

A commissioned editorial for El Beit Magazine, with Food Stylist Sarah Ibrahim.

Dandorma popsicles

Worked alongside the talented food stylist Sarah, to develop some refreshing summer ice cream recipes, and photograph them to be featured in El Beit’s August Issue.

Warm chocolate sauce on vanilla ice cream

In the middle of summer in Cairo means; very hot weather and challenging environment for ice cream shoots. The studio ACs were blasting on highest power, and very careful and insulated transportation of the ice creams. We do whatever we must to get the perfect shots.

Chocoalte ice cream

Styling choices were made to mix and match vintage and the modern, while the photography were done in high key, and low key to match the freshness and the flavors of the ice creams. 

Cherry coconut popsicles

Vanilla Milkshake

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