Union jacks, where the flats meet the British flavor 

As a food photographer, food is a passion, a way of living, and one of my all time favorite chefs is Jamie Oliver, one of the few where you can watch, work on his recipe and have a great meals in his eatery.

Union jacks is the merge between jamie Oliver, and Chris Bianco, the owner of Pizza Bianco in New York city.


On a summer day went exploring the union jacks for dinner, in the heart of Covent garden, we took over the elephant table right in front of the pizza oven, after waiting for 20 min, the service was super, relaxed and knowledgeable to answer any question about almost anything.

We ordered the following
Pizza Margareta
Red Ox pizza, with Ox tail
8oz rump steak
Organic Scottish salmon
Tender steam broccoli
Skinny chips
Going through the ordered

The flats, PIZZA
The flats were still sizzling freshly as ever, the grated horseradish produced fumes and breathing in all on the Ox tail pizza. The dough was thin and a little juicy. The ox tail flavor was extremely dominant and strong, along the brisket and fresh horseradish, while the fresh basil leaves on the margarita added the required flavor along the fresh tomato layer, and the chunks of sliced fresh mozzarella.

The starters
The mushrooms were out of this world, you can keep on going on that for a while, its all i can say, while the prawn cocktail arrives in a jug looking amazing, was good, where you can find n several places by the same quality.

The 8 oz rump steak, ordered medium, and it was a medium as ordered, juicy, tender, with the right pink color, the pepper corn sauce was mild, not as the traditional french pepper sauce, the beer roasted mushroom, was good, out of all it is a great dish perfectly cooked.

The Brick oven
Organic Scottish salmon, is a must try, I am not a salmon fan my self, but i have to admit that I loved this one, the ingredient makes a big difference, while the shaved fennel, cucumber & red onion salad is amazing.

The oven pizza

The Ox tail pizza

The Salmon

8 oz steak


The wine cellar

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