Downtown Cairo, Cairo, Egypt
4 -11 May  2021

Gyptian will return to Kodak Passageway to organise another landmark photography exhibition, showcasing the artistic talents of both emerging and established Egyptian artists. The Gyptian Photo Show, organised in collaboraton with Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment, focuses on Egyptian photographers active both in Egypt and across the world.



Downtown Cairo, Cairo, Egypt
8 March-1 April  2021

The Mu’anath exhibition will explore the feminine appropriation rooted in our cultural identity through photography, painting and sculpture. The perception of the Mu’anath in our day-to-day lives can take the form of an inanimate object, a person, a figure, a structure, an abstract form or even in the way we see and feel things. The Mu’anath is fluid, it adapts, it is flexible and it strongly lies in one’s freedom.



Parallax Art Fair
Chelsea Town Hall, London, United Kingdom
20-22 February 2014
Parallax Art Fair is a direct art-to-consumer experience with an open admission policy and makes a uniquely refreshing conceptual statement about subjectivity and the commoditization of taste.
Curator Chis Barlow


June-September 2013
The Photographic angle-UK, London, Bristol, Birmingham, and Ascot.
This exhibition is dedicated to everyone with the courage to be in the limelight, albeit briefly. Without them our lives would be dull indeed.


Cairo analog portraits
15 November-15 December 2012
In tribute to the history of studio photographic practice in Egypt; On Photography, at Studio Viennoise an exhibition in Downtown Cairo

Egypt World Heritage Sites- See the Different in Egypt
September 2012
Intercontinental Hotel Cairo in collaboration with the national geographic society and the UNESCO(show case for the responsible business week)

200 faces
May 2012
The photographic Angel, London-Swindon-Birmingham-Bristol, UK (Group exhibition)
Here we see the canvas on which all our emotions played out exposed. Suffering, happiness, contentment, frustration and anxiety.

Vernacular photography
April-May 2012
The photographic Angel, London-Birmingham, UK (Group exhibition)


The other side of Sinai
October 2011
Intercontinental Hotel Cairo in collaboration with the national geographic society (show case for the responsible business week)

La Luta continua
May 2011
Side gallery, New Castle upon Tyne, UK (Group exhibition)

Our revolution, our songs
April 2011
Tache art gallery, Cairo, Egypt

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