Downtown Cairo, Instagram takeover

Mid March I was approached by the Ismaelia company company to take over the IG account @downtowncairo for a Friday morning, exploring more cool locations in downtown Cairo, where Victorian architecture meets Islamic architecture, a melting pot for several cultures back in the early 1920s till late 1970s, leaving traces still.

Starting with an early morning shot for Talaat Harb square, as one of the busiest locations in Cairo, early morning was a bliss only one man walking, after that a quick visit to one of the abundent spaces where an old transportation company used to be, a quick one for the archiving room. After that was a time for a good coffee, Kafeine was the choice, a cozy modern coffee space tucked off Sherif Basha street.

Heading to Bab El Luk a quick stroll in the small allies , found one of my best ones right before the Friday prayers take place, a man praying in a small street with a Church in the background, a real message showing how the people are united.

Couldn’t drop some graffiti along the old AUC library building, and then a couple of colorful shop elevations around the same area.

Back to Kasr El Nil street was the time for some basbousa, where one of Cairo best kept secrets takes place, Ahmad Attia known as El Nil Pastry, followed by some images for a fruit shop.

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