London, in search of the perfect coffee part One

Where to have a good cup of coffee in London? apart from the commercial ones like Costa and Starbucks, its not easy to find, decided to work on this subject to define the best coffee places around, roamed through Central London W1 to define these hot spots

1-Monmouth Coffee company

Visited the one located in Covent Garden, very close to the great Neals yard, they provide the best coffee, the espresso was rich in flavor and aroma a changing mix according to the season, what I had was Brazilian base beans, with Colombian and Guatemalan support, also got as well two packs 500gms each to use at home, Finca Cascabel-Colombia, and Montes de Cristo-Costa Rica, defenitly they provide the best coffee experience in London, what i missed is the filter coffee, next time will give it a try.

The interiors are nice, minimal and modern, and i love the outdoor seating area, on both sides of the road.

2-Soho Grind

Opened in 2014, as a second branch after the original one, this small shop with a cocktail bar in the basement made a good impression on every one, the coffee is very good and strong, i had a macchiato it was just right, not too much froth and still the coffee tasted great.

Interiors are simple and raw, using wood and white walls is a very interesting combo, also they have the best espresso martini in town.

3-Colbert Chelsea

of the few places that do have the soul of an Italian coffee bar, old
french decor, with retro paintings and images all over the walls of the
place, busy as can be all day, good coffee but not as good as the two
mentioned before, but much better than other places, lacks aroma.

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