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  1. Downtown Cairo, Instagram takeover

    24 Mar 2017

    Mid March I was approached by the Ismaelia company company to take over the IG account @downtowncairo for a Friday morning, exploring more cool locations in downtown Cairo, where Victorian architecture meets Islamic architecture, a melting pot for several cultures back in the early 1920s till late 1970s, leaving…

  2. BTS- Over view on food photography lighting

    01 Feb 2015

    A collection from several shots, different lighting setups, food photography related 1-Never light food from all angels 2-One light source with a fill light is optimum 3-Shadows are always an added value 4-Back lighting is one of the most dominant in food photography 5-keep things minimal

  3. Pasta in the making

    07 Dec 2014

    It was great to shot an editorial about pasta, in one of the best Italian restaurants in the middle east, Strada located at the Four seasons Cairo First residence, Chef Ricardo Barrisi showed us the way after getting the dough done Here is how to get the best dough (from…

  4. Downtown Cairo fashion shoot- lighting diagrams and BTS

    07 Sep 2014

    The breath taking architecture of downtown Cairo always was a source of inspiration, had a dream of shooting an editorial in the streets out there, but dreams don’t come true, due to security levels in Cairo these days During the hot summer days of Cairo I was commissioned by Enigma…

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